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Your First Home May Be a Horizontal Apartment

1 June, 2017

Remember this term: Horizontal Apartments. That’s what some real estate developers are calling clusters of single-family homes in rental communities that combine the privacy of individual residences with professional property management to take care of repairs, yard maintenance and more.

Can You Be Trusted With Your Money

4 May, 2017

An underlying assumption in much commentary about personal finance is that most people are terrible with money. Financially illiterate, manipulated by marketing, distracted by present concerns, and guided by emotions, the masses repeatedly make stupid financial decisions.

The "Professional Deformation" of Life Insurance

4 May, 2017

You’ve probably heard the phase, “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail,” attributed to the psychologist Abraham Maslow. It concisely explains the idea of “professional deformation,” the tendency to view all aspects of life from the point of view of one’s professional expertise.

Connectivity Insurance

4 May, 2017

The price of any insurance is correlated to the likelihood of an incident, and how much it will cost to restore or replace the loss; higher premiums (relative to the object or event insured) reflect the greater likelihood of a claim. For smartphones, there are two distinct losses, the device and the data stored in it.

It's Never Too Late to Pass Along Financial Wisdom

4 May, 2017

Teaching Kids about Money” is a regular personal finance topic. Articles usually include discussions about setting allowances, developing good saving and spending habits, explaining how compounding works, etc. Giving your kids knowledge and experience with these items is certainly worthwhile. But a lot of it truly is “kid’s stuff” from a financial perspective. The “adult world” of personal finance is a lot more nuanced and complex.

Knowing The Reasons NOT To

3 April, 2017

When it comes to assessing your relationship with the professionals that provide input and products for your financial transactions, one of the things you might want to evaluate is how well these people can explain the reasons not to do something, especially the things that they most often recommend or support.