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Will You be Burned by Social Security?

2 November, 2015

So if it isn’t going away, but has to change, the near-term outlook suggests Social Security might best be seen as a supplemental piece of the retirement puzzle instead of an essential one. This shift in perspective may require personal assets be allocated to purposes beyond simple accumulation. A new retirement “safety net,” for end-of-life medical expenses, survivor benefits, and the like has to be considered. But assuming current benefits can be sustained is simply not rational.

Your Employer as Financial Counselor?

28 September, 2015

While company wellness plans can go a long way toward helping individuals develop a holistic approach to personal finance, the assistance from company programs is inherently limited to the education and resources offered by one’s employer. If you’re really interested in maximizing your financial fitness and achieving your goals, you might be better served by selecting a financial professional whose services and philosophies are the best match for your situation. A personal financial wellness program is not only unique, but portable. Change jobs, move, or retire, it can stay with you – and change as you do. 

Buying a Car: A Bigger, Longer Transaction

28 September, 2015

Transportation costs are a major item in American household budgets; on average, only housing consumes a greater percentage. And for most Americans, those transportation costs include the operation of one or more automobiles. Because reliable transportation is an essential aspect of American life, and vehicles need to be replaced on a regular basis, automobile purchases have a significant impact on transportation costs, and by extension, one’s overall financial picture. While some financial experts have strong (and inflexible) opinions about what constitutes a “good” automobile purchase, there are reasonable arguments for a variety of approaches to owning or leasing a car. 

A 10th Man Perspective

28 September, 2015

Could you emulate Andrew Carnegie? Maybe, maybe not. But when is the last time someone gave you a 10th Man idea to improve your finances? If your current financial program seems like a treadmill, instead of a highway taking you to your financial objectives, it might be worth considering a 10th Man perspective.

Welcome to Our Team

11 September, 2015

Zac Olinger, a financial representative with Insight Wealth, joined the team in June of 2015. Throughout his life, people have connected with Zac because of his passion for success. Zac is motivated to continuously develop strategies that align with what matters most to his clients. Through listening and compassion, his clients are given the confidence to follow their true purpose in life through a plan built on mutual trust and their personal values. 




If the Pros are Really Amateurs, What are You?

3 September, 2015

Simon Ramo truly meets the definition of a polymath – a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning. Wikipedia identifies Ramo as “an American physicist, engineer, business leader and author” who pioneered microwave technology, is known as the father of the intercontinental ballistic missile, and was the “R” of TRW, a Fortune 500 technology company. Born in 1913 (and still living at the time of this writing), at age 100 he became the oldest person to ever receive a US patent, for a computer-based learning invention. An example of the breadth of Ramo’s interests was a 1973 book he wrote called Extraordinary Tennis for the Ordinary Tennis Player. Tennis was a lifelong passion for Ramo, although he was not a gifted player. And just like his scientific and business activities, he studied the sport intently. Over time, Ramo concluded that success on the court was determined by dramatically different factors, depending on the skill level of the participants.