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Trouble And The Executors

30 May, 2016

From an estate planning perspective, knowing the peculiarities of the state in which your estate will be administered is of utmost importance. In the United States, the following formats are used by various states to determine executor compensation: uniform probate code, graduated fee schedules, flat percentages, and hourly rates. 


Designed for Blue Water

30 May, 2016

Blue water sailing refers to open-sea sailing, such as ocean crossings, where one is unable to put in at a sheltered harbor to avoid heavy weather. When storms bear down, a sailboat and its crew must be able to ride out the event, sometimes trimming all sails and simply absorbing the punishment of violent winds and heaving seas until the storm passes. In order to reach your financial objectives, you may have to survive some storms along the way. With an insurance policy designed for blue water, your projected cash value accumulation may not finish first, but you can complete the voyage. 

Assembling The Right Team To Open A New Office

3 May, 2016

If you decide to open a new office, whether as a relocation, new start-up practice, property purchase, or second office, having the right team in place is paramount and can make the process successful, profitable, and maybe even fun! Here are some guidelines and ideas for putting your team together to help you find the best possible location and terms, keep your costs low, and create an ideal office to meet your patients’ needs.

The Realistic Response to "Expert" Optimists

2 May, 2016

Optimism is a healthy, even necessary, character trait; negative people rarely achieve their dreams. But believing that someone really does have an economic crystal ball – and that they are willing to share it with you – isn’t optimism. It’s delusion. If you want to be optimistic about your long-term financial prospects, base it on a foundation of financial insurance. How strong is your "financial insurance" program?

How Two Health Care Laws Uncovered a 'Bulked Up' Retirement Account

2 May, 2016

The moment a new law is enacted, someone is wondering if there is a way to take advantage of it. This dynamic is frequently seen in financial regulation. Lawmakers use taxes and incentives to generate revenues and influence group behaviors, but since there is rarely full knowledge beforehand as to how the populace will respond, every new regulation comes with the prospect of unknown consequences – and sometimes, opportunities.

Life Insurance Is An Uncorrelated Asset Class

2 May, 2016

For a variety of reasons, from financial globalization to central bank interventions in national economies, it’s become harder to find truly uncorrelated assets, ones whose performance is minimally impacted by external events. This realization has coincided with recognition of the unique asset class features in life insurance. While it cannot tout the opportunity for high returns, within the context of Modern Portfolio Theory, life insurance can be a foundational uncorrelated asset that reduces risk and enhances financial health.